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School Dog

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Dog Blog 

I hope everyone had an amazing summer holiday and enjoyed the lovely warm weather we had.

My favourite day in the holidays was when I went to Clumber Park. I ran then swam and then I found an enormous stick that I tried to bring home, but Miss Crawforth said I had to leave it. I also got an ice cream all to myself, then tried to eat some of Miss Crawforth's.

Then it was a very busy harvest on the farm, and I learnt that I can jump onto a straw bale from the floor, with no help.

I am really excited to be back in school and see you all again. I hope you all have a lovely start in your new classes and enjoy the first few weeks back at school. I am starting some more training with Miss Crawforth so you might not see me as much at the start of term, but don't forget I'm still here! Love Stella xx



We would so like to say a massive thank you to the Friends of Roos School for funding the training for Stella which has allowed her to come into school.


Stella is our school dog you will love her she is here to make you happy, even when it is one of the worst times ever. 

She is kind and caring and respectful. She is a calm and playful dog. 

You may fear dogs but not anymore, you will love her as soon as you see her

She even had her own tennis ball, but she destroyed it. You will see her on a walk with school

The best part is she has her own office, but she shares it with Miss Crawforth. 

If you want to have cuteness overload, then join Roos Primary School


Written by one of our children in Yr 5.