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Share Aware Campaign

To children, online life is real life. And, just like in real life, children need help to stay safe online. 

Share Aware is an NSPCC and O2 campaign to help parents have regular and informed conversations with their child about online safety. They're aiming to get every family in the UK chatting about their child's online world, just like they would about their day at school.

We tell children that it's good to share, but online it can be different, and sometimes it can be dangerous. Through the straight-forward, step-by-step advice and Icebreaker email series, parents can untangle the web and teach their children how to make the right decisions online, all of the time.

To access the information, specialised advice and downloadable content - click the image below:

In School

The school holds an annual E-Safety meeting for parents and family members details of our next meeting will be sent out in due course.

All children in the school take part in the National E-Safety Week.  All children and staff are asked to sign a pledge for iPad Use. 

Has  something happened online that has made you feel worried or unsafe?

Let CEOP know.  Click the picture below

To view our E-Safety Policy click here


Top Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Online

These documents give parents some tips on ways that they can help to keep their child safe online and includes advice about parental controls that can be set on different devices.

How to set up filters on your home internet

Internet family agreement advice

Top tips for safe use of PS4 and Vita

Top tips for safe use of iPad

Top tips for safe use of Kindle Fire

Top tips for safe use of Nintendo

Top tips for safe use of PS3 and PSP

Top tips for safe use of Xbox One and 360